Top 3 Cocktail Ideas For A Dinner Party

Whether you’re a big-time industry influencer or just a friendly neighbor; dinner parties are undoubtedly an excellent way to get people together. Regardless of your experience in planning dinner parties, food and drinks are usually at the heart of the party. 

Nothing gets people bonding quicker than a meal over a couple of drinks; they could quickly lighten the mood and provide a good basis for conversation.

Cocktails are by far the most ideal choice of drink to serve at a dinner party. They offer a level of sophistication from the classic out of the bottle booze. Cocktails also pack a blend of flavor that will surely entice your pallet. 

Cocktails also play a crucial role in being an aperitif; other than lightening the mood, cocktails also play a handy role in getting your stomach ready for digestion. Basically, cocktails are supposed to be pre-game for any dinner party.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned drinker or a cocktail aficionado, mixing up a perfect cocktail is a skill any person can quickly learn. Furthermore, while it may be more appealing to use the standard mixology equipment to make your drinks, you do not need all that fancy-schmancy equipment to get your party going.

It only on rare cases you will hear guests complaining at a dinner party when the cocktails just keep coming. It plays such a fundamental role in terms of completing the party and should never be overlooked when planning a get-together. In the spirit of ‘let the libations flow’, here is a list of the top 3 ultimate cocktails to help complete your next dinner party.

1. Martini

Martinis are one of the most renown cocktails out there. They have greatly been popularized by popular movie icons such as James bond. 

You can find a Martini at any half-decent cocktail bar. However, they are quite simple to make, and their taste can be still altered to suit your audience. The martini is typically made from gin mixed with vermouth and garnished with either a sliced lemon or an olive.

Martinis can be made dry, a touch dirty or perfect. You can then pour it into a martini glass ready for your enjoyment. Seeing as how gin and vermouth are combined for this particular cocktail, it does make for an excellent aperitif. So whether you like your martini shaken or stirred this cocktail is a great accompaniment to any dinner party.

2. Gimlet

The gimlet is yet another gin-based cocktail that has been around for quite a while now. I’m willing to bet there are numerous recipes out there on how to make a gimlet each with their own variations. Basically, a gimlet is traditionally made of gin as the base; mixed with lime juice and a bit of syrup to add a sweet taste.

Much like a martini, you could as well replace the gin with vodka if that’s your preference; although some would argue that wouldn’t be a gimlet anymore. Well, I say we leave the perfectionism to the connoisseurs, this cocktail would be great at any party, and the choice of gin or vodka is solely yours to make.

3. Daiquiri

Daiquiris have oftentimes been referred to as the grandfather of rum-based cocktails. They have been available for a while, and people have since been playing around with the recipe to make blends that suit their tastes. The typical daiquiri is made from rum mixed with sugar or syrup and a citrus juice. 

While using rum as the base spirit, several daiquiri variations emphasize the point of getting creative with a recipe. Some popular varieties include; strawberry daiquiri, banana daiquiri, sleeping lotus and the cranberry daiquiri, just to name a few. The daiquiri is one among those cocktails that give you some freedom in customizing the recipe to your taste. 

Final Thoughts

While cocktails above may be ideal for a dinner gathering, they would, however, be unsuitable for non-alcoholics. It may be worthwhile to know your guests’ preferences to avoid any awkward scenarios. There are several non-alcoholic cocktails options out there that might be suitable in parties with kids and general non-alcoholics. 

All in all, while the people are the actual life of the party cocktails have a pivotal role in ensuring the accomplishment of any dinner party. They are a sure way of keeping your visitors entertained and to get conversations going in any party. I trust that you’ve found this breakdown particularly useful and I hope that your next dinner party shall not go without libation.


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